Portfolio Managers

Cargile Company is pleased to offer personalized real estate services to Banks, Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers, Hedge Funds,  REITs, and Private Equity Firms. We have a rich background in REO disposition. We have served the financial community for the past 30 years. We service all of Los Angeles county as well as Northern Orange County and  Western Riverside County.

Why Cargile?

We are recognized as one of the leading REO firms in Southern California. Our Broker, Paul L. Cargile, has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times on several occasions regarding  distressed properties and the foreclosure market in Los Angeles. We have also built great relationships with many of the nation’s top financial institutions over the past 30 years.


We have a long and storied history in REO disposition. We sold our first REO back in the early 1980’s for Transamerica. We worked with local clients such as Coast Federal Bank and Home Savings of America. We then added the Resolution Trust Company as a client, and the rest is history. Cargile continues to build relationships with such prestigious U.S. financial institutions as Bank of America, of which we are proudly a Preferred Broker. We also work with Chase, whom has deemed us one of their Priority Partners. We have partnered with other financial institutions and servicers including Wells Fargo Bank, GMAC, PMH, Old Republic Default Servicing, Green River Capital, the U.S. Marshall Service, Ocwen, Nationstar, iServe, Servicelink, as well as Keystone Asset Management.


For over 30 years, our real estate professionals have provided accurate and affordable valuations with quick turnaround times to our corporate clientele. In the current market, we understand margins are close and that losses can mount quickly. Our BPO’s are completed in a timely and professional manner to ensure confidence in your investment and pricing decisions.

Residential Rentals/ Property Management

We understand the current economic situation has spurred the development of alternative strategies in purchasing assets, such as buying and holding. Cargile is proud to assist you with all of your residential rentals within our service area. We have currently been awarded the residential rental contract for Los Angeles and Orange County by one of the 5 largest Portfolio Managers in the United States.

We know you will not hold these properties forever, therefore we will tailor our services to fit your needs. You set the lease term according your company’s strategy and we will market the property and obtain tenants on your behalf. We collect rent, deduct expenses before sending net funds to you or the rent can be paid directly to you. We will schedule maintenance and repairs, negotiate contracts with vendors, regularly inspect the property to ensure it is in good, working order and quickly resolve any emergency maintenance issues. We will lease all of your single family dwellings, condos/townhomes, 2-4 units, and all multi-family dwellings (5+ units).

Inspections & Repair Bids

Due to our extensive experience in REO disposition, we understand that you may not be in a position to list or lease your property immediately, yet you may require further information. We are prepared to complete occupancy checks, interior or exterior inspections and obtain repair bids at your request.

Short Sales

At Cargile we understand that you can only suggest to your homeowners whom they should list with and these transactions must be handled by an agent whom you can trust. The bulk of our business is done with corporate clients at Cargile — we are well-versed in this area of real estate and happily extend our expertise to you.o.